Protect your investment from the environment! Omni Waterproofing ensures that your building maintains its value by repairing weather wear and applying protective coatings and sealants to extend its lifetime.

A key element in waterproofing a structure is the outer membrane. We paint the exterior surfaces to seal it and avoid water penetration, however sometimes regular exterior paint won't do the job. Water damage is a serious threat to the structural integrity of any building, large or small. Once water penetrates the surface, the resulting moisture will cause decay undermining building's structural soundness.

Elastomeric coatings serve as an exceptional waterproofing and weatherproofing solution. The elastomeric paint is special rubberized coating that has strong water-resistant properties. Unlike other types of coatings or paints, elastomeric paint bridges hairline cracks to provide an airtight waterproof seal. The elastomeric coating is applied in a liquid form. After application it bonds and hardens to the structure. When dry, it remains flexible to accommodate moving and flexing of the underneath structure.

Elastomeric paint is designed for masonry and concrete surfaces to prevent water from penetrating into building interiors.  Elastomeric coatings can be used on walls as well as roofs and offers long term durability, which is important for many homeowners and business owners.

Elastomeric coatings have the following characteristics:

    • Blocks the open pores of concrete when the coat dries
    • Highly flexible coating
    • Resists solvents and microorganisms
    • Good resistance against chalking, cracking, blistering, peeling and flaking
    • Adhesion strength
    • Retains color for long periods
    • Fast dry time with minimal odor
    • Smooth when applied on surfaces