Ananda Lee

November 25 2006

Dear Gentlemen of Omni Painting,
I just wanted to write to wish everyone a happy holiday season. I would also like to thank everyone for painting my house so beautifully.
You did a wonderful job! The neighbors love the color and commented that they liked the gentlemen doing the painting very much.
The two dogs next door, Mambo and Dimitri, (who usually bark constantly) did not make one peep while the gentlemen were painting the house!
With gratitude and warm regards,
Ananda Lee - Berkeley

Frank and Hilda Furninger

February 13, 2003

Dear Omer,
Greetings from the "Yellow Submarine"!
This letter is long overdue.You painted our house in November and it is now February. However, I suppose better late than never?
We want to thank you for the professional job that you and your crew did in painting our house-and for cleaning our decks - all the while being pleasant and cheerful.
In addition, thank you for your encouragement when we faltered at the idea of having the "yellowist house in Kensington. The added bonus is the we can be easily be found!
Yours very sincerely,
Frank and Hilda ________________________________________________

Rocio Haskell and Tad Giadczenko
April 22 2002

Dear Omer, We would like to express our sincere thanks for the excellent and timely job Omni Painting did in painting the interior of our house . The paintwork was very professionally done and looks great, furthermore your guidance in choosing the right color/finish combinations was very helpful and is much appreciated. We are still blown away by what a great jo the crew did in cleaning up the house every evening and on the final day. Your professional approach to always being on time, within budget (actually very reasonable prices too), and immediately returning phone calls impressed us and made it so much easier to have the house remodeled. >We will certainly use Omni Painting for any future painting needs and will happily recommend you to future potential customers,
Thanks for the great job,
Rocio Haskell and Tad Gladczenko


Ben and Carrie Salto

July 2, 2002

Dear Omer,
You make it impossible for us to thank you without sounding redundant
We have read many letters of appreciations from your customers and what they say is nothing but true.
All we can add is an exclamation point to their sincere praise. Your personal integrity and quality work is unsurpassed. Our only question is, did you also do some gardening while you were here? You left things tidier than before you arrived. Please feel free to showcase our home as an example of your superb painting
Thank you


Martha and Frardah Yamamoto
August 26, 2001

Dear Omer,
Out of all the contractors that we have hired since we built this house 24 years ago, you have been the best
We appreciate all of of great advice and all of the fine work that your crew did.
We are very, very happy with the results and will recommend your company to anyone interested.
We will be calling you a few years from now for re-sealing! Take care! Sincerely, Martha and Frardah Yamamoto ________________________________


Robert Z. Perkins

April 7, 2001

Dear Mr.Yilmaz,
It is a pleasure to write this unsolicited letter that you are welcome to use as a reference in the bidding process. My wife and I are both impressed at the quality of your work, which truly brightened the appearance of our home. All aspects of the job were carried out with skill and an absence of any residual messes! During the course of the job, four different neighbors made enquires regarding the work they wanted done. Without hesitation , we are pleased to recommend your workmanship as well as your pleasant way of conducting your business
Sincerely, Robert Z. Perkias, MD Oakland _______________________________________

Les and Addie Henry

August 29, 2000

Dear Omer, Having lived in our house for 39 years, we have had six exterior paint jobs.. The work that you and your crew have just completed is by far, the very BEST, and we totally appreciate your professionalism in planning and in the use of excellent quality material. Addie and I are EXTREMELY pleased with the results and keep reminding each other about how your crew tackled the job. All the men were courteous, careful with the surroundings, great with clean-up, hard workers, yet caring for detail, and extremely competent.. It is our pleasure to highly recommend Omni Painting for any painting project and we would be happy to express our complete satisfaction to anyone who wishes to inquire.
Les and addie Henry - Oakland ______________________________________


Anne Wood & Andrew Baldock

September 21, 2000

Dear Omer, I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you and your crew for the wonderful job Omni Painting did painting the exterior of our home this summer. Your crew was professional and courteous and I was impressed with the very good quality of work accomplished in such a short amount of time. We are very pleased with the results. We love the colors you helped us to select for our home, and we have received nothing but praise from friends, family and neighbors since your work was completed.
Please do not hesitate to add our name to your list of references. I will happily recommend you to future potential customers.
Thank you once again,
Anne Wood & Andrew Baldock - El Cerrito, Ca.


Karen and Chandler Stokes

October 19, 1999

To whom it may concern,
The purpose of this letter is to compliment the work of Omer Yilmaz and his crew at Omni Painting. The work they did on our 1906 Berkeley home was professional prompt, and attentive to detail. Their careful preparation work helped to counteract the effects of time and weather on the house as they carefully removed flaked paint, caulked and sealed the siding and restored deteriorated sills. The house has truly been transformed and several neighbors have come by to express their pleasure with how it enhances the whole neighborhood.
The cost of the work was very reasonable - by far the lowest bid we received for the job. Omni Painting was recommended to us by some friends, and we would happily recommend them in turn.
Karen and Chandler Stokes - Berkeley ________________________________________________

Manfred Schild

May 3, 1996

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent quality and timely performance of the job. Indeed, I will be happy to express my satisfaction to anyone who may inquire. Kindly give enclosed envelope to your assistant, whose work was also much appreciated. Thank you very much,
Manfred Schild